1. Subframe Connector $270.00
  2. Leaf Spring Bushing $193.95
  3. Borgeson Power Steering
  4. Opentracker Level 2 Full Suspension Kit $2,509.75
 We adore the Kreations Autobody Pro Touring look with the tucked wide tires and low profile.

The interior that we'd like is pretty close to what Schwartz Performance has done with the 69 Cougar

  •  g-Connector System Subframe
  • Non Invasive Suspension Kits will be from Opentracker
  • Del-a-Lum bushings to control lateral loads as well as provide smooth up and down movement without bind
  • 18 x 8's in the front, running a 245/35 R18
  • The rears are 18 x 10's, running a 295/35 R18


And the interior:

Schwartz Performance 69 Cougar